What Do You Do to Ensure the Safe and On-Time Arrival of Your Things in Your New Home: 3 Important Tips

One of the most crucial things you should consider when moving to a new home is how to make sure that your things are delivered or transported safely and on time. There have been instances when the moving company was delayed for some reason, and the homeowners received their belongings in their new home a day after the moved in. To prevent this from happening to you, there are three important tips you should consider.

  1. Do a background and professional check on the moving company before you hire them.

Before signing the contract and sealing the deal, perform a background and professional check on the moving company you plan to hire. You can do this by going online and joining forums dedicated to the company or the moving and relocation industry. You can also look for online customer reviews.  This is how we chose amongs the moving companies Phoenix has to offer.

Likewise, you can talk to relatives and friends who have tried the company’s services. Ask them for feedback or a review of the company. You can also check with organizations and groups focused on the moving and relocation industry. These groups normally have a list of trusted and recommended companies.

  1. Insure your belongings before moving day.

You can help keep your belongings safe throughout the moving and transport process. Simply get insurance for your things, one that will guarantee coverage for damages incurred during the move. Additionally, you should inform the movers that you have items that are considered rare and antique so that they will be conscious and careful when transporting the items. If there are small items, do not entrust them anymore to the moving company. You can put the item inside your bag or your pouch. Do the same thing for all your jewelry, documents, and other similar items.

  1. Draw up a list of your belongings and their packing boxes.

To ensure a smooth flow during the loading process, make sure that you write a list if of all your things, especially the ones you are going to put inside the boxes. Then label all the boxes accordingly. Do not forget to write a “Breakable” mark on the box or boxes that contain delicate items. This will guide the moving specialists on which ones they need to handle with care. Since you have a list of your things, it will be easier to monitor them as they are transported to your new place. Likewise, this will ensure a more efficient process so no time is wasted and everything will be finished on time.

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