If you are planning to move to a new home, you know that you are up for quite a challenge. Even if it is something that you have done time and again, the moving process will always be stressful, tiring, and challenging (both physically and financially).

We here at Urge Overkill HQ want you to enjoy your moving experience, so we decided to create this simple online community. This blog is for all those to who planning to move or is currently in the middle of the relocation process. Consider this as your platform and online portal to everything that you want to know about moving and relocating. We cannot help you solve your moving dilemmas 100%, but we can guarantee you that our intention to help is pure and this will allow us to provide you with the assistance you need for a more enjoyable and fun moving day experience.

Urge Overkill HQ is here to help you go through every moving day step. We will regularly post special features, tips, How-tos, and stories that come from people who have been with us for months and years. They’ll share real-life experiences that you can learn from. From time-to-time, we will also s

Urge Overkill HQ is also here to assist you with your most essential moving needs. We have specialists who are trained to offer you the best services. They are ready to work with you anytime you need them.

Urge Overkill HQ, your moving day savior; the answer to all your relocation woes.